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Lead generation using safelists

Make sure the lead you gather us is targeted and specific, advises Work On Internet

Many marketers generate their own leads. This is accomplished through several different methods. One of the most effective of these is the use of safe lists. A safelist is a group of individuals with similar interest that have agreed to receive e-mails from the other members in exchange for being able to send their message. Spam is not an issue because all the receivers have opted in and agreed to receive those ads. This is a powerful lead generation tool when used properly.
Safe lists are abundant all across the Internet. Finding good safelist can be easily accomplished by searching for them on a search engine. Often times by joining one safelists you will be directed and learn of new safelists that you can join further spreading your marketing message.
Just about all safe lists have membership level options. Many membership levels exist in safelists i.e. pro, executive, bronze, silver, gold etc. Often times these level can either be purchased at a monthly level or at a discounted rate for yearly memberships. Let's look at each level separately.
Free membership is limited as far as access and ability. Free members may not be able to use HTML ads or save ads for future mailings. This can be a stickler if you rely on HTML graphics like banners or buttons to appeal to the readers. Mailings are normally limited to once a week and can only be sent to other free members. This can put a crimp on your campaign.
Paid membership is the next level. These members can use some HTML and save ads for future mailings. The number of mailings allowed to be sent will depend on membership level.
Executive members have access to all the benefits – free use of HTML, save ads and other perks. These members can send their ads once a day to the entire membership. All members, free, paid and executive receive these ads.

A safe list can be a major source of generated leads. Since you are using a funded proposal, you have something to offer. This will appeal to the executive membership especially. The important thing is to grab the attention at the subject line. Use an eye catching line right off and get the reader to open the ad.
Once you have the attention, put your opt-in form inside the ad to capture the information. Here is where a safe list is especially powerful. Since your prospect already knows you are a marketer, they expect a pitch. They also know what it is you are offering, so the lead you gather is targeted and specific. This gives you a straight line to a conversion IF you can capture the imagination and interest immediately.

Keep your lines at 60 characters each and be concise in language. Get to the point while holding the interest and move the lead along to clicking your link.