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How to increase sales leads

You can increase your sales by creating a simple contact form on your domains’ landing page, reports Dot Sauce

Imagine someone trying to find the owner of a domain, a large percentage of internet users do not know what a Whois record is. Your potential clients cannot locate you because they do not know how. What is the percentage of people contacting you about a domain that you own through your Whois record? You can increase your sales by creating a simple contact form on your domains’ landing page. What is a contact page going to do for you? This is how to get an increase of 20% or more in leads for your domain:

A) Create a form page with the domain, clients name, clients email address, a “make offer” box and any other info you want to get from your potential clients. Have this page email you with the contact information of the person interested in your domain.

B) How does this help me sell more? On every one of your domains create a “This Domain May Be For Sale” link which goes to your contact page. Now you have a lead generating system that will help you sell your domains.

C) You could get more creative and store this information in a database for your records and count how many people have contacted you on a single domain. The quoted price and any other info you gather can be sent to your clients.

Closing Sales

In essence get creative and send out professional letters to your clients. Do not tell them what they should or can do with the domain they are buying. They have their own reasons for contacting you. Help your sale along by providing limited stats that you have acquired in the length of time you have owned the domain. Do not disclose the revenue the domain makes unless it is imperative to complete the sale.