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How to get leads with your website

Some useful tips to generate leads, from Make Money Online

Last week I was checking out a forum. On that site members were talking about the pay-per-lead model. I was really interested by this form of getting online money. I just dug into some articles. I learned how to generate leads with a website.
Check out below how to get leads with your website. Here are some useful tips to generate leads:
Clear Contact Forms - Placing a contact form on your website at the time you have a special offer on.
Free Download - You can offer the customer something for free as a 'teaser'. A free download can give the customer a taste of what kind of product or service you have to offer.
Offer Something for Free to Convince - If you offer something free, people will be more likely to think it is of low quality. Offering a free trial can be more effective. It is important to offer something of value. If you have a membership site, you can give a free trial membership of 2 weeks.
Call Me Back - When your customer is very interested in your service or product. The customer only can reach you during the lunch break. If you put a call-me-now button on your website you can reach the prospect during the lunch break.
Toll-free Phone Number - The customers will be more likely to call you.
FAQs - "Is it stupid to e-mail about this?" Are some of the emails and phone calls driving you mad? Set up an FAQ to prevent this. Give the customer the solution.
Demonstration - Demonstrate the product you are selling. Make a video and stimulate and convince with the functionality of your product or service.
Free Newsletters or RSS - You want to get in touch and keep in touch with the prospects. Offering a newsletter can give important updates to the customers. If your prospects do not have Internet connection, then offer a printed version