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The purpose of B2B lead generation isn’t to sell

B2B lead generation should focus on compelling prospects to meet with you, says Jim Logan

It comes up in conversation with clients and perspective customers time and again.

It’s an important a critical concept:  The purpose of B2B lead generation isn’t to sell.

Here's why: B2B sales prospects, especially true in complex sales, won’t and can’t buy without a direct dialogue with the seller.

So, your B2B lead generation activities should focus on compelling the prospect to agree to meet with you or otherwise engage in a direct conversation by piquing their qualified interest.

B2B lead generation campaigns should attract suspects, qualify them as prospects, and compel them to engage with your company in a sales opportunity. You don’t sell to prospective customers until you’re directly engaged with them.

It’s the critical part of a successful B2B lead generation campaign - create qualified leads first, sell later.