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Online lead generation

A basic online lead generation campaign has the ability to drive a torrent of traffic towards your website, writes Michael Mckell

Networking is an essential skill for business managers, leaders and especially for entrepreneurs. Online lead generation is no different - encompassing all of the web’s functional applications. A basic online lead generation campaign has the ability to drive a torrent of traffic towards your website and has the potential to generate and dramatically increase your revenue.

There are countless distinctive ways that organisations can adapt to generate serious levels of enquiry:

Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising, Email marketing and; Online advertising.

If executed effectively, these sales focused strategies all direct targeted traffic to the most important part of your website – the landing page.
The landing page encompasses your entire website and is the first (and in some cases the last) critical page users land on when they click on a call to action. Translation: Your landing page is ultimately the do-or-die in converting leads.

The biggest mistake organisations often make is thinking their website is all about them. It’s not. The focus is entirely on users and their own generated content. Users are potentially customers.

Ensure your website incorporates effortless navigation combined with unique, highly relevant and useful content. Engage users and give them a reason to invest their time, effort and energy into answering your call to action – whether it is filling out a contact form or submitting their email address to receive your newsletter.

Don’t abuse the information they give you – you may be destroying a potential lead.

According to statistics, improving your landing pages can increase your conversions by 40% or more. Further optimisation of your landing pages dramatically improves conversion rates by as high as 200%.