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Double whammy

Tips on generating pre-qualified leads, by Planet Bluto

Everyday of the week businesses are on the make for potential customers/clients. They are obsessed with it…sales leads are the business oxygen they have to have. No new leads and any business will die.

That’s not drama or hype…that’s fact.

These are universal truths that cannot be disputed:

1. The easiest person in the world to sell to is…an existing customer/client. That’s why the backend is so profitable…no CPA…and higher price points are the norm.

2. The act of paying money is very intimate…and if the purchase was enjoyable and rewarding then the second sale if as rewarding as the first will become the second of many more purchases. Make it a memorable experience and you will have the opportunity to do it over and over again.

Giving money is not an easy thing despite the fact that people love to buy. Reward them for the intimate act of trusting you and watch the money roll in.

So what is a Super Lead?

Anyone can fill out a form or call into some ones office for more info, all good leads. I create information products that make the buyer a lead for a larger product or service. Here’s an example:

I created an information product educating people about Broker Fraud, which is where a stock broker may have committed some wrongs and a their client may be able to get restitution from the broker. It is something that can be represented by a lawyer…it’s done over the phone and most lawyers work on a contingency (they get paid from winning and eat any cost they incur if they lose). Everyone who bought was educated about this problem by a well respected attorney with tons of experience.

The attorney was the owner of the relationship. The buyer committed to the attorney money when they bought…creating a bond.

Why is this a super lead?

1. The buyer took the first step in reaching out to the lawyer
2. They are an existing customer…they bought the book
3. They came to the conclusion on their own the lawyer was an expert
4. There is no need to provide proof…irresistible proof and therefore trust is already in place
5. The lead is pre-qualified and has an extremely high closing rate at the highest price