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Lead generation and management strategies that get results

To turn leads into customers, marketing and sales must work together, says Guy Maser

The backbone of traditional marketing has long been the 4Ps: product, pricing, placement and promotion. However, the internet has changed marketing and the fundamentals we apply to it. New and innovative online marketing tactics help companies build their brand and generate leads online. Some leads are “hot” and ready to buy while others are long-term and need nurturing. To turn these leads into customers, marketing and sales teams must have dedicated and collaborative lead management practices.
This environment has brought about a need to complement the classic 4Ps of marketing with a variation called the 4Ts: target, tactics, transact and track. Implementing the 4Ts can help you get the most out of the internet in your b-to-b sales and marketing efforts, and can help improve the alignment between sales and marketing within an organisation.
They can be integrated into sales and marketing without requiring dramatic changes to business processes, investments in expensive software systems or wholesale organisational changes. However, they do require commitment from sales and marketing to work together. They are:

Target: is about keeping a focus on your audience and knowing who you are going to reach with your marketing. Your target prospects’ behaviour, needs and goals should drive your decisions on how to market, communicate and work with them. With the Internet, your prospects are in the driver’s seat.

Tactics: Online marketing is the most important strategy for companies today. Through online lead capture mechanisms (e.g., registration landing pages), companies can ask questions and collect data to segment their audience into different lead types: those immediately ready to buy and those that require more information and nurturing.

Transact: is the key fundamental, the bridge you create between prospects and your organisation. Transact refers to opening a two-way communication with customers and prospects based on an inquiry. A good working relationship between marketing and sales is critical to successfully manage leads.

Track: with businesses demanding more accountability from marketing, few marketers can justify a program whose effectiveness is difficult to measure. A simple spreadsheet will do, take the time to track.

While some companies are stronger at lead generation and others at lead management, the 4Ts present an integrated approach. It doesn’t require dramatic changes, but does require philosophical agreement and commitment from sales and marketing, as well as the development of practical processes within both departments. Keep in mind how the internet shapes lead generation and management.