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Increase your onsite conversions

There are many kinds of conversions differing from one website to another and from one organisation to the next, explains Brandon Cornett

A real estate website that doesn't make conversions is a real estate website that serves very little business function. So let's talk about (A) what a conversion is and (B) how you can increase conversions across your real estate website or blog.
By way of definition, an "onsite conversion" takes place when somebody goes from being a website visitor to something else as well.
For example, if a person visits your website and signs up for your email newsletter, an onsite conversion has taken place. The person has "converted" from a casual website visitor to a newsletter subscriber.
There are many kinds of conversions, and they differ from one website to another, and from one organisation to the next:

A non-profit website might seek donations or volunteer registrations. Those conversions are valuable to them. A service-related business like real estate might seek website conversions of a different nature. Maybe they want people to sign up for a newsletter list or call to learn more about a property listing. Those are valuable conversions for these business models. A product-based website want people to purchase products.

Let's look at some of the ways you improve your onsite conversions

1. Define Your Conversions in Advance

2. Be Visible Online

3. Increase Usability Across Your Website

4. Minimise Distractions Across Your Website

5. State (and Restate) the Value of Each Conversion Point

6. Increase Traffic to Website Conversion Points

7. Increase the Prominence of Conversion Points

8. Minimise Website Attrition

9. Increase the Interactivity of Your Website

10. Overcome Skepticism / Encourage Trust