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Web strategy and prospecting for gold

Focus on tangible results like sales leads, writes Craig Killick

I always think about the “gold rush” when I think of web marketing and client expectations. As soon as the word is out that gold is being made there is a big rush, despite the fact that the main bulk of the gold has already been taken.

So expectations of return from web marketing also tend to be equally unrealistic, because most of the big profits are made at the beginning when there is little competition and lots of opportunity. The initial gold rush is what gets the press attention, showing what is possible, setting the average Joe’s expectation to an opportunity that has already passed.

Google Adwords is becoming saturated, email marketing doesn’t deliver the results it used to. Unfortunately, this is what people are looking to for their web marketing now but not getting the expected results.

Try a Different Commodity

Some online marketing and advertising, such as pay-per-click, is tangible: You paid ‘X’ and you got ‘Y’.

But, the measurement is usually focussed on the wrong thing - mainly visitors, rather than an actual tangible result, ie. sales leads. Costs are becoming higher and higher - the gold is getting scarcer.

My belief is that there is one clear-cut way of creating long-term, sustainable web traffic that adds value to your business… and that, is quality content.

Content-rich sales pages with customer benefits

White papers, articles, industry commentary

News and views, regularly updated

Useful, relevant tools (budget permitting)

It won’t deliver immediate traffic, but, if you continue to build it, they will come… and natural listings of your quality content, after the initial investment, is free.